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Scienscope was founded in 1995 to meet the growing need for reliable general purpose optical and video inspection solutions for the electronics and PCB industries. They have evolved to become a complete inspection solution provider offering microscopes, measurement systems, machine vision, and x-ray.

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Scienscope - Video Measurement Systems

Vendor Model Travel
(swing, z-axis)
Description Details
XT-2000 VMP
8" x 12"
The fully self contained XT-2000 VMP is an efficient compact floor standing model again featuring all granite structure and steel stage. As well the system is ergonomically designed with stage positioning, lighting and Z axis focusing right in front of the operator. Advanced intuitive edge detection software makes part measurement and easy to learn quick process. Scienscope measurement software is very easy to use, not requiring a dedicated specially trained operator.
XT-2000 VME
8" x 12"
Our most popular machine is the VME workstation system. It is also our best value featuring a solid granite base and Z column. The system is ergonomically designed with position, lighting and focus controls placed right in front of the operator. The part image is very sharp from a ½” color USB camera displayed on a 23” widescreen monitor. All of this comes on a solid granite topped steel workstation with convenient storage space.
XT-1000 VMU
4" x 8"
The XT-1000 VMU is a 2-axis, compact, easy to use, cost effective desktop system for small part inspection. It is perfect for engineers, researchers, designers and anyone inspecting small parts. It’s a 2D aluminum based system that quickly and easily measures your parts at an affordable price.