8-Axis Performance Model, Dual Y, 27 Tools, Modular Rotary Spindles Exchangeable Guide Bushing


The Nexturn SA(PYII) Swiss CNC lathe series are our high-level machines featuring an exchangeable guide bushing. Removing the guide bushing for short parts keeps remnant length to a minimum with a maximum turn length of 60mm, and allows the use of non-ground bar stock. The guide bushing, for longer parts utilizing ground bar stock, allows maximum turning length up to 210mm. The PYII series features 8 axes and 4 different models from 20mm to 38mm bar capacity.

The SA(PYII) features a total of 8 axes (Z1, X1, Y1, Z2, X2, Y2, C1, and C2) and up to 27 total tools. Bar capacity is 20/26/32/38mm. High precision integral motor spindles on both main and sub provide excellent precision and fast cycle times.

The machine is built for rigidity, accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. The highly rigid one-piece cast iron machine bed is designed using FEM software. Powerful motors for both turning and milling deliver outstanding machining capability. The use of ultra-precision pre-tensioned ballscrews and LM guides produce high accuracy. High speed positioning of 1260”/min. reduces cycle times. A sliding operators door, as opposed to a lift up style door, provides easy access to the machining area and is drip free.

  • Bar Capacity: 20 mm
  • Main Spindle 5 HP /10,000 RPM
  • Total Tools: 27


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