Stone Machinery Videos


The Factory

We don’t just assemble the machines, we make them! …from pouring the castings, machining the castings to making our own turrets.

Single-Turret Turn/Mill Series

Fastest Universal Bar/Chucker on the Market – Unattended completion of complex parts in one operation.

Eurotech Gear Hobbing Demo

Fully adjustable gear hobbing tool completes complex parts in 1 operation, including gears and splines.

B1200 Rifle Process

Rifle barrel machining – ideal machine for holding critical tolerances for shaft or cylinders.


Quality Manufacturing

All in One AWF

Slug Removal

EL Coating Carbide


Hurco: Mind Over Metal

See Why Hurco Can Help Your CNC Machine Shop Be More Profitable

Hurco VMX42 CNC Mill Cutting an Aluminum Handle