9-Axis Advanced Model with Fully Programmable B-Axis, 33 Tool Capacity, Modular Rotary Spindles & Exchangeable Guide Bushing


The SA(XII) series of Nexturn Swiss CNC lathes consists of five models with or without rotary synchronous guide bushings. An optional continuous swiveling 135˚ B-axis permits variable angle machining up to 10 front and 8 back-side live tools. Use of guide bushings permits turning of longer parts, while machines without guide bushings are ideal for processing short parts and cold drawn material.

The machines feature up to 8 axes and up to 29 total tools, increasing to 9 axes with the B-axis. Maximum bar diameter capacity of the main and sub spindles is 20mm – 51mm, depending on machine size. Maximum turning lengths are 118 mm – 275mm.

Main and sub spindles provide as much as 20 HP (15kW) at speeds as high as 8,000 RPM while offering full C-axis capability. The synchronous sub-spindle permits simultaneous front and back working. Live tools provide 1.3 HP (1 kW) – 3 HP (3.3 kW) and 6,000 RPM. Rigid tapping is standard.

Excellent rigidity results from the use of FEA technology in machine structure design. The slant-bed machines maximize ease of use with ergonomically arranged controls and fully opening covers and doors.

  • Bar Capacity (Front/Rear): 20 mm / 20 mm
  • Main Spindle 5 HP / 10,000 RPM
  • Total Tools(with/without B-Axis: 31 / 29