Our Reputation is Built on Providing Timely and Competent Service
At STONE MACHINERY, we understand the responsive service support that you count on from a Machine Tool Distributor. Since our inception in 1927, we have built our reputation on consistently providing timely and competent service for the machine tools we sell.

Based in Minnesota and Iowa, our service organization is designed to support you throughout the life cycle of your machine. A highly skilled team of factory-certified mechanical and electronic service technicians and support staff work towards one common goal: to keep your high-performance machine productive day after day.

From installing and starting up your new machine tool to providing warranty and after warranty service, our group of experienced craftsmen take pride in keeping your machine tools operating.


The purchase of a machine tool from Stone Machinery is not a short-term investment.


Making the right choice gives your business the competitive advantage it needs; we understand that your long-term success is the only result that matters.

Our experienced technical sales staff is ready to guide you through the critical first steps of purchasing your next CNC Lathe, CNC Machining Center, or EDM and Toolroom equipment. Stone Machinery’s commitment to ongoing training ensures our sales professionals are on top of all the latest developments in the fast-changing world of high-performance machining.


Our in-house applications engineering resources allow us to quickly tailor solutions to suit your specific needs: from basic programming and machining recommendations to full machine turnkeys including process development, design of special tooling and fixtures as well as run-off and production support.



Buying a machine tool from Stone Machinery is the beginning of a partnership in productivity; this is true only because we place as much importance on customer-support as we do on supply.

3 of the 5 Stone Machinery Full Service VansIt all starts with technology transfer; giving your programmers and operators the tools they need to get the most out of our machines. We understand that delivering the productivity you expect onto your shop floor is the only true measure of our success.

Stone Machinery’s factory-certified field service technicians will install, commission and field-test your new machine, ensuring that its performance and precision meet or exceed published manufacturer specifications.

Our technicians provide on site maintenance, operator and programming training; advanced and specialized courses are available at the state-of-the art facilities of our manufacturer partners.


Stone Machinery offers flexible preventive maintenance programs that make it easier than ever to protect your investment and keep your equipment performing at peak efficiency. Comprehensive pre-scheduled packages, designed to mesh with your busy production schedules, ensure productivity you can count on day in and day out.

Of course, no machine tool is immune to the occasional problem, We understand that a sudden breakdown means being without your star performer while your customers wait for parts. There is no higher priority for our technical service team; a qualified field service technician shall be dispatched to your plant while our telephone support resources work together with your personnel to further analyze the problem and expedite replacement parts.


In order to keep your investment paying off in the long run, we offer selective reconditioning services that can turn back the clock and bring target systems back to near-new condition.

In certain cases we can do even better: by retrofitting your equipment with new technology components, system performance can be updated to the current start-of-the-art. When you start with a high quality platform, sometimes it is possible to provide solutions to make an older machine perform better.

All good things must inevitably come to an end., including the productive life cycle of your machine. But where others can only walk away, we offer options.

COMPLETE REBUILDING: In certain cases, a complete rebuild of your trusted performer by our expert craftsmen can be your best decision; our numerous successful rebuild projects over the past decade are a testament to the quality of our work.

When the time really has come to replace your machine tool, we will be there to support you with the possibility of a trade-in and to start the next chapter in our partnership in productivity.

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