High Speed Horizontal Machining Center Series

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The new FH5000 series– with a high-acceleration spindle, preload system, and high torque features- allows shops to conduct high-volume machining in a compact footprint.

JTEKT Toyoda Americas introduced the FH5000 series of three, high-speed horizontal machining centers (HMC), including the FH5000s HMC with 800x800x880 mm (X,Y,Z) strokes, 900 mm workpiece diameter, and 1100-mm workpiece height capacity. The FH5000 series machines include a 500-mm table capable of handling 1000 kg loads.

“With this series, Toyoda meets the growing demand for producing components with high metal removal rates, short cycle times, and superior surface finishes,” according to a JTEKT representative.

 Toyoda’s FH5000s HMCs with 60-tool ATC capacity are designed for speed and production reliability, featuring a 15,000-RPM, 50-HP (37-kW), 303-Nm (223 ft/lbs.) high-acceleration spindle. The 40-taper spindle is designed with four ceramic bearings at eh front of the spindle to increase rigidity and reduce vibration. Its patented hydraulic preload system bring the spindle up to 15,000 RPM in less than one second without spindle warm-up, ideal for aluminum processing.

The larger machines in the FH5000 series are equipped with a 50-taper spindle, 45 tools, and a longer X axis travel.

The machines are equipped with a direct-drive B-axis table featuring an index time (90′) of 0.7 seconds.

TheFH5000 series – with the spindle design, preload system, and high torque features – allow machine shops to take advantage of more aggressive, high-volume machining in a compact footprint, according to the company. 

 Easily programmed, the FH5000 series features the TOYOPUC-Touch panel through which the operator can monitor the machine see operating data including energy consumption, and edit as required.