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The owner of Oakridge Fabrication was skeptical about automation for high-mix manufacturing after he heard stories about robots sitting idle in the corner due to complex integrations.

Hurco’s Job Shop Automation empowered his shop to control their automation because the robot is completely integrated with the Hurco control—no robot programming needed!

With Hurco’s Job Shop Automation, Oakridge Fabrication found the flexibility needed for high-mix manufacturing. Part changeover is five minutes or less, a job that used to be three days of hand-loading parts is completed overnight, and they report unattended run times of 12 to 16 hours

Why Automate?

As the skills gap continues and labor shortages mount, automation allows shops to maximize the contribution of their existing employees, increase productivity, and increase machine utilization. While traditional automation focused on mass production manufacturing, Hurco customers require automation that is flexible enough for high-mix manufacturing.

Why Hurco Developed Automation for High-Mix Manufacturing

Our mission at Hurco is to help customers be more productive and profitable by delivering manufacturing technologies that make sense for high-mix manufacturing. After we interviewed customers, did our research, and vetted automation partners, we developed Practical Job Shop Automation to eliminate the problems job shops had experienced with automation—inflexibility, complex integrations, complicated robot programming.

How Practical Job Shop Automation Helps Hurco Customers

 The key advantage of Hurco’s automation for high-mix manufacturing is the complete integration of the robot into the Hurco control.

This control integration gives our customers complete control over their automation—quick changeover (less than 5 minutes), flexibility (ability to move the robot to another Hurco machine), quick installation, and no robot programming (everything is done on the Hurco control’s Automation Job Manager feature). If you can program a Hurco, you can program the robot.

Hurco Control Features

Automation Job Manager

Easy Job Setup and Robot-CNC Graphical User Interface.

  • Job and Queue progress bars.
  • Run multiple jobs sequentially.
  • Setup Wizard for part trays.
  • Load and save job setups.
  • No programming to set up or run
  • Less than 5 minutes part changeover time.

The Solution?

Cobots – Collaborative Robots. ProCobots partnered with Universal Robots (UR), innovator and world leader in collaborative robots, to create practical CNC machine automation solutions that are affordable, practical, flexible, compact, and eliminate the need to call an expensive integrator each time you want to change your automation or move the system to different machines.

Additionally, ProCobots Job Shop Automation will maximize the contribution of your machinists. They won’t need to waste time on repetitive, redundant, and simple tasks. Instead, the cobots will do the monotonous and low-value tasks so your machinists can maximize the high-value skills they contribute to each job.


Cobots work for your workers and let them focus on what’s important!

Why Hurco? We trust our machine technology

Hurco was founded on the principle to develop practical machine technology for high-mix manufacturing and to deliver it in ways that our customers can easily improve their productivity.

We know the struggles shops have experienced with traditional automation. That’s why we formed a partnership with ProCobots to create a completely integrated job shop automation system that is portable, reliable, easy to set up, and easy to program.

The Automation Job Manager software feature on the Hurco control was created specifically for you. Straightforward screens with the information you need to make automation work for you!

As a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools, Hurco is proud to provide innovative and high-quality machines that meet the demands of the modern manufacturing industry. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of our operations, from product design and manufacturing processes to customer service and support.

At the heart of our machine technology is the WinMax CNC control system, which provides users with a range of features and functionalities that make programming and operating CNC machines easier than ever. With its user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and advanced programming capabilities, WinMax has become a popular choice among operators, programmers, and engineers alike.

We’re pleased to announce our recent introduction of a flexible automation solution package, which showcases our commitment to providing cutting-edge machine technology to our customers. This turnkey solution allows manufacturers to automate their operations quickly and easily, freeing up staff to focus on more critical tasks. It includes a range of features and functionalities that help to streamline production processes and improve overall efficiency, including a robotic arm, a programmable logic controller, and various sensors and automation components.

At Hurco, we’re not just focused on producing the best machines; we’re also dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and service. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians are always available to assist customers with any technical issues or challenges they may encounter. We also offer extensive training and education programs to help customers optimize their operations for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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